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is a full service design firm specializing in residential architecture.  From site evaluation to move-in, we tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients.  By working in an intimate, collaborative process, we help to facilitate the realization of our clients' desires.  Sculpting the space, perfecting the circulation, and bringing natural light deep into the house, we orchestrate the design and building process to produce houses that delight their inhabitants.
The interpersonal relationship that develops between our clients and us is essential to the design process.  It is from this basis of trust that other members are added to the team:  the general contractor, other design professionals, sub-contractors and the craftsmen and women who bring the design to fruition.  This cooperation, among all of the players, results in houses that truly reflect the owners' personality and needs, the ultimate focus of our enterprise.
Siting the house to take advantage of views, topograpghy, available sunlight and ease of access all help to determine the shape and scale of the project.  The arrangement of rooms and spaces is developed based on the way our clients use them.  The sequence of their day, the places they occupy at different times of day, and the way that family, friends and service providers move through the house drive the design process as we  endeavor to make the dwelling a unique expression of home.

Carefully considering color, texture, light and shade, we work closely with our clients in adding the details which will most fully express their design sensibilities.  Furnishings, carpets, lighting, art, and the small and large pieces that personalize and provide the warmth and character to a house are the finishing touches that bring the process to completion.