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Jan Brady
was raised in a small river town outside of New Orleans during a time when social tumult was the norm and a sense of ease the exception.  She escaped the violent unrest of the South indelibly imprinted with a non-negotiable need for gracious hospitality and a deep sense of home, no matter where she worked or lived.  Welcoming, warm, friendly, comfortable were qualities she strove for while stage managing, art directing, technically producing, set designing, wedding planning, and/or teaching.  Identifying the elements that created a sense of unity and order in an organization, a production, a wedding, a lecture, and ultimately a home became a recurring theme.
A circuitous route led to a Technical Theatre degree from SFSU, with national recognition for her set design. Hours in the scene shop revealed that Jan's talent with pigments had nothing to do with charts and everything to do with an innate ability to discern & recreate subtleties in hues. She taught theatre at college and high school levels and painted and designed sets professionally for local and regional productions.  Touring as a Technical Producer, she found herself skilled at drawing together dissimilar talents and personalities into cohesive, supportive companies.  

With motherhood came a settling into home in a more traditional form.  Touring ended and years of early childhood education began as she founded an art program by creating curriculum, training adult volunteers, and leading students in exploring their own unique expression.  Her belief was and is that all of us are artists; our job in life is to discover our medium.  It is this belief that fuels her facilitation of clients' dreams as they create their own unique sense of home and color.